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Sexy Sci-Fi CGI by Franz Steiner / Steiner Creative

Showcasing their expemplary photographic and CGI retouching prowess, Franz and pals created these series of sultry synthetic exotica. You know, a lot of people seem to think that there’s an ever-growing detachment in today’s society, but I plan on sticking around until they at least develop fully autonomous and bendy pleasurebots with the Kung-Fu Grip. At that time, sorry reality… it’s not you, it’s *me*

Artist: Behance / Website / Facebook


The Future Watch

Part of an editorial feature for Amusement Magazine #13, imagining what the world will be like when 3D printers can magic up whatever we need. But when will we have the pills that turn into giant pizzas?

Photo by Ben Sadler / CGI by mathematic